What is Hearing Healthcare

This exciting field of hearing care is always evolving. New procedures, technology and ongoing care options make it possible for our experts to work with patients in our two Oregon hearing centers.

About Our Center

We are a comprehensive hearing care provider specializing in hearing instrument sciences, including advanced hearing aid technologies and aural rehabilitation.   We carry a full line of hearing devices, including the most sophisticated, nearly invisible, all six major manufacturers.

What People Are Saying

I have worn hearing aids for the last 15 years. I was skeptical about how technology was going to be any different. I can tell you that not only do I hear more naturally, but also things aren’t louder like they used to be.  After completing my rehab sessions, I am able to hear in background noise.

Our Perspective

According to a recent MarketTrak* survey, 6 out of 10 hearing aid users are not happy with their results. With the great advancements in hearing aid technology, e.g. smaller size, digital processing, noise management, etcetera.  HOW CAN THIS BE?

Aural Rehabilitation is the missing link that delivers proven results for enhanced listening and communication skills.  Despite independent studies showing an average improvement of 40% in speech-in-noise recognition, rapid speech recognition, and short-term memory recall – only 2% of hearing aid users receive any exposure to these powerful programs*.

At Accurate Hearing Centers, our 90% client satisfaction is the direct result of aural rehabilitation being accessible and provided at no additional charge to our hearing aid users.

* Hearing Journal March 2004, VOL 57, NO.3

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New Offers

Today’s hearing aids require daily cleanings and consistent, general maintenance to ensure the devices are operating at 100% of their capacity.  Even a little neglect can diminish the performance of your devices substantially.  Whether you received your hearing aids from us or not – we want the upkeep of your investment to be affordable and hassle-free.  This is why we provide the following services to the general public:

COMPLIMENTARY  In-office Repairs

FREE  In-ear Inspections

FREE  Hearing Screenings & Consultations

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Service and Repairs

Hearing aids are an investment, and we do not view them as consumer electronics with planned obsolescence.  We take great care and pride in delivering long lasting performance of your hearing aids.  Even for minor repairs, most “hearing aid” retail establishments will not attempt to fix a non-working aid, but rather intend on selling you a new one. The reality is, not everyone can afford a new one – or even need a new one.

Additionally, when you take a hearing aid to your local retail hearing aid dispenser or audiologist, they will usually send it back to the manufacturer and charge you a minimum of $300 per hearing aid repair – regardless of the actual repair needs of the instrument!  Allow us to evaluate the instrument and offer all options to you.  Why we repair hearing aids:

  • We believe in longevity of your hearing aids
  • We believe in personal service and quality repair
  • We believe in better hearing, better value, less cost
  • We believe in providing fair and honest treatment

Life, friends, and family, are too important to miss out on, and neglect can cause additional damage to your hearing aids. Accurate Hearing Centers is here to restore the music of your life. So don’t miss out any longer; get your hearing aid repaired with:

  • New parts
  • Fast, friendly service
  • No age limit for hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing aid repair for all brands, models and types

We service all brands including:

I brought my broken hearing device in for repair, the Patient Care Coordinator, Tammy, was able to recalibrate and pair the devices to each other and to my iPhone. I had thought that a doctor would need to be there to do that but Tammy showed me her skills. I’m glad she was able to do that. Thanks, Tammy, you saved me time and money!

Richard N.


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