What our customers have to say:


I have had my hearing devices for a year. I’m so glad I finally went to have my hearing tested and I found I had a substantial hearing loss. The clinician was wonderful, kind, and gentle. It was so wonderful to have my hearing restored. It surely increased my quality of life. Jessica works at the front desk. She is so friendly and kind and she is a good friend now. All in all my experience was very positive.
—K. Kovarik
Beaverton, OR


My hearing loss was very gradual. Finally, I was ready to admit that I had trouble hearing people in different situations, and I was tired of saying “what?” I was missing out on too much! So I went to Accurate Hearing and found a wonderful clinician who was very kind and patient. The testing process was done carefully and certainly painlessly. When I got my hearing devices I couldn’t believe the difference! I had definitely done the right thing, and I have no regrets. My devices are small and hidden by my hair so they are completely out of sight–very important to me. I would recommend Accurate Hearing for anyone who feels they are missing out on too much. I was so lucky to get such a wonderful doctor. The receptionist is so sweet and caring and she has become a good friend of mine!


—Kathie H.
Beaverton, OR


I have been wearing hearing aids for the last 18 years and of course felt like they helped.  But the technology and clinical approach that has been used at Accurate Hearing Centers has helped me hear things I haven’t heard since I was in my 20’s. I have told all my friends especially the ones that have hearing aids currently to come in and try this restoration program.


—H. Young
Beaverton, OR


I tried hearing aids about 6 years ago and didn’t like them because they made me feel plugged up. I’m also not ashamed to say that I wasn’t excited about wearing any device that would make me look disabled. That all changed the moment our first grandchild showed up. I realized I was having problems hearing those little voices and that they were going to Grandma instead of Papa because I didn’t hear them clearly. The devices I got from Accurate Hearing Centers are not only light years ahead of what I experienced 6 years ago they are also totally invisible – not only do I not look disabled, but they actually look cool to my grandchildren. The aural rehabilitation program they talked about not only made sense, but worked. It has changed my life in a major way. If you are on the borderline please let them show you what a difference they can make in your life.


—V. Drago
Mt. Angel, OR


I have worn hearing aids for the last 15 years. I was skeptical about how technology was going to be any different. I can tell you that not only do I hear more naturally, but also things aren’t louder like they used to be.  After completing my rehab sessions, I am able to pick out particular voices in crowds. It’s still a challenge in the busiest situations, but I am not feeling left out anymore. I would recommend these guys to anyone who has used hearing aids in the past.  It’s a different world.


—Thomas B.
Hillsboro, OR


I was completely unaware of my hearing loss. I also was unaware of how it affected every part of my life. In talking with Arlyn, he pointed out that my favorite programs and restaurants were all based on how easy or difficult it was for me to hear. I am so thankful that I found Accurate, and I was a little more than skeptical based on what my friends told me about their hearing aids. My first experience with hearing aids has been great to this point and I look forward to getting better and better.


—Susan T.
Beaverton, OR


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