Repairs & Consultations

Never let an office visit Co-Pay stop you from getting the help you need, when you need it.



COMPLIMENTARY  In-office Repairs – We will inspect, clean, and repair your device in any of our offices 100% free of charge – any brand, any make, any style.  Call and schedule your appointment today.


COMPLIMENTARY  In-ear Inspection – Earwax (cerumen) and dry skin are the biggest enemies to hearing aids.  Cleaning your hearing aids is just half of the solution.  Proper ear cleaning and earwax management is equally important.  Call and schedule a free in-ear inspection to see if there is a build up that needs addressing.


COMPLIMENTARY  Hearing Screening & Consultation – Your vision can change over time, and so can your hearing abilities.  You wouldn’t wear the wrong eyeglass prescription, and keeping your hearing aids properly programmed is no different.  Contact us today and schedule a free hearing screening.