Ear Care You Can Do At Home


Self Ear Care

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Types of Ear Care


There are two main types of care for your ears: At home care or the care you receive from a trained healthcare professional. Most of the time, you can care for your ears at home. This simple How To Guide provides you with the easy steps, plus tips for maintaining excellent ear care health.


The reason you want to be sure your ear canal is clear of wax, is because if too much wax builds up in your ears, the excess earwax can greatly decrease your hearing and clog your hearing aids. We always recommend that you first try to clean your ears at home. If that doesn’t work, Accurate Hearing Centers is only a phone call away!



How do you know when to call a specialist?

If you can’t clear the excess wax or blockage on your own, then it’s time to call Accurate Hearing Centers. Conveniently located in Portland, Beaverton and West Linn, Oregon, our trained specialists are available to meet when it’s convenient for you.


Clean your ears at home when:

Clinical Ear Care

*Source: WikiHow.com

  • You don’t have an ear infection
  • You find the right solution at the pharmacy
  • Or you make your own solution


If you experience any of the following symptoms, then it’s best to call us:

  • Your ear aches don’t subside or disappear
  • Your hearing is muffled

The ear care professionals at Accurate Hearing Centers will gladly help you anytime!


Learn more about proper care by accessing this easy Step-by-Step Ear Care Guide.

You’ll also learn important tips and the warning signs if something is seriously wrong.