Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance


Why we care about your hearing aid repairs

Hearing aids are an investment, and we do not view them as consumer electronics with planned obsolescence.  We take great care and pride in delivering long lasting performance of your hearing aids.  Even for minor repairs, most “hearing aid” retail establishments will not attempt to fix a non-working aid, but rather intend on selling you a new one. The reality is, not everyone can afford a new one – or even need a new one.


Additionally, when you take a hearing aid to your local retail hearing aid dispenser or audiologist, they will usually send it back to the manufacturer and charge you a minimum of $300 per hearing aid repair – regardless of the actual repair needs of the instrument!


Allow us to evaluate the instrument and offer all options to you.  Why we repair hearing aids:

• We believe in longevity of your hearing aids

• We believe in personal service and quality repair

• We believe in better hearing, better value, less cost

• We believe in providing fair and honest treatment


Don’t wait to repair your hearing aids


Life, friends, and family, are too important to miss out on, and neglect can cause additional damage to your hearing aids. Accurate Hearing Centers is here to restore the music of your life. So don’t miss out any longer; get your hearing aid repaired with:

• New parts

• Fast, friendly service

• No age limit for hearing aid repairs

• Hearing aid repair for all brands, models and types


Top Six Manufacturers (in no particular order):


starkey-media-barOticon   1350029987066 resound-logo logo_widex_usa


Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Widex  and Signia are the only hearing aid manufacturers in the world that are generally considered to be of the highest quality, deliver cutting edge technology, and make significant capital investment in developing new advancements for the hearing impaired. Beyond these five, there are a myriad of other brands and private labeled instruments available.  At Accurate Hearing Centers, we will fit only the best instruments, and only the products that are best suited for you. Dollar for dollar, your greatest value will be with these manufacturers.



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