Hearing Aid Brands by Comparison

We fit, repair and service all brands of hearing devices


There are only six hearing aid manufacturers in the world that are generally considered to be of the highest quality, deliver cutting edge technology, and make significant capital investment in developing new advancements for the hearing impaired. Beyond these five, there are a myriad of other brands and private labeled instruments available.  At Accurate Hearing Centers, we will fit only the best instruments, and only the products that are best suited for you. Dollar for dollar, your greatest value will be with the following manufacturers.


Top SIX Manufacturers (in no particular order):

    1350029987066       resound-logostarkey-media-bar    logo_widex_usa    Oticon



There are an endless number other brands available that do not stand up to the combination of overall value in quality and cutting-edge technology compared to the above six.  Despite other brands and private labels being sub-standard, their retail prices are not reduced. Some of these brands include:

  • Rexton
  • Unitron
  • Bernafon
  • Amplifon
  • Sonic Innovations
  • Zounds
  • Interton
  • NuEar

Private Labeling of hearing instruments is another important dynamic to discuss when it comes to hearing aid brands.  Private labeling employs a similar concept to using generic brands from the supermarket as an alternative to the National Brand.  While the supermarket product may be similar in use and differences from the National Brand may be negligible – in hearing aids, private labels may pose a SIGNIFICANT NEGATIVE to the user.

Private Labels and their Corresponding National Brands:
  • HearO by Avada – Oticon
  • Arris by Avada – Oticon
  • BluLink by Avada – Oticon
  • AGX by Audigy Group – Sonic Innovations, Oticon, Starkey
  • Audibel – Starkey
  • Sonus – Amplifon
  • Kirkland by Costco – Rexton
  • Future by Costco – Resound
  • Miracle Ear by Sears – Sivantos/Siemens/Rexton
  • Beltone – Resound
Primary reasons for Private Labeling:
  • Unique name make comparing and shopping for best prices impossible.
  • Locked programming software

Private Labeled “locked” programming software means that only the hearing care provider/company that originally fit your hearing aids can service them.  The hearing aid user is “locked-in” to that company.  For example, if you bought HearO hearing aids, you have no choice where you can go for service.  If decide you would like to see a different provider for any reason, you move residences, or travel out of the area – you’re simply out of luck.