State Licensed and Board Certified Professionals

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Advanced Credentialing

Accurate Hearing Centers prides itself on having the most experienced and highly trained professionals in the field of hearing instrument sciences, including advanced hearing aid technologies and aural rehabilitation. Every clinician is licensed and certified through the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA), and most of our clinicians are nationally board certified – approximately only 10% of of hearing care professionals earn the superior credential of NBC-HIS (National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences). Candidates must pass rigorous national board examinations and meet appropriate training and experience requirements.  Additionally, NBC-HIS members are required to maintain their professional competency through continuing education. These criteria assure the general public that members are committed to meeting the highest standards of professional healthcare.


Who is the OHLA?


The OHLA is a state consumer protection agency.  OHLA provides centralized regulatory oversight for multiple health and related professions. OHLA has statutory authority to carry out a full range of regulatory activities, including:

▪ Issuing licenses

▪ Conducting examinations
 in cooperation with International Hearing Society (IHS)

▪ Responding to complaints

▪ Inspecting facilities

▪ Rule-making & legislation


What else does the OHLA do?


OHLA has statutory authority to uphold the contractual rights granted to consumers of hearing aids in Oregon who purchase their hearing aids from hearing aid specialists. Who makes up the advisory council for this body?

The Oregon Advisory Council on Hearing Aids consists of seven volunteer members appointed by the governor’s office.  The council, which acts in an advisory capacity, includes:

▪ A licensed physician who is a certified otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat specialist, or ENT)

▪ An audiologist certified with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association

▪ Four individuals who are licensed to dispense, or sell, hearing aids.

▪ A public member who is a hearing aid consumer

The Council, along with the other volunteer citizen boards and councils under OHLA’s oversight, has adopted a Consumer Bill of Rights, which describes the rights consumers have when receiving services from OHLA-regulated professionals.


Who is the International Hearing Society (IHS)?


The International Hearing Society (IHS) is the governing body that develops the Oregon state hearing care professional licensing exam and certifies the licensing of hearing care specialists. Founded in 1951, the Society continues to recognize the need for promoting and maintaining the highest possible standards in best interests of the hearing impaired it serves.  All IHS members must pledge to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Code sets standards of professional integrity and practice including relationships with patients, colleagues and the general public, as well as rules governing advertising. Adherence to these standards is required, and by violating any part a member is subject to removal from the Society.