Our Assurance Program

“What are the best devices made?” or “What are the best devices for me?”

are the most common questions we hear during a consultation.


The answer is not easy.  There are a vast number of hearing aid manufacturers (see our page regarding Brands and Private Labels), and each employ a different philosophy for what they believe a patient needs from a hearing aid to deliver best results. We truly won’t know what the best device is for you until we begin our processes.

A brand, make, model, style that works wonders for one patient, may not be the best for another.  This of course is oversimplifying the topic.  But suffice to say, Accurate Hearing Centers recommends and fits all brands of hearing instruments, and we make recommendations ONLY as features/benefits are relevant to each patient’s conditions – AND only after a comprehensive hearing evaluation is completed.

Because choosing the best devices for each patient can be a process of elimination, our internal policy is the MOST flexible in the business.

When a patient is fit with their new hearing devices, the initial 30-days of wearing the new hearing devices is risk free*. In addition to this 30-day period, Accurate Hearing Centers adds an additional 60-days where we can exchange between different brands, makes models and styles.

You can evaluate the hearing aids in the situations and listening environments important to you, in your life, and your Accurate Hearing Clinician will evaluate your results based on the following factors: comfort, hearing improvement and environmental data stored in the hearing devices.

Based on all of this; we may decide to switch to another brand, make, model, style etc. for better results.  We will exchange hearing systems as necessary to ensure we are using the most effective technology for your specific needs. When doing so, the 60-day exchange period starts over.  Its not unusual for patients to try two or three different sets of hearing aids throughout this process.


*ORS 694.042: Should you decide FOR ANY REASON not to continue with the process,

you will receive a FULL refund; minus any true costs we may have incurred.

(limited to 10% of the investment – maximum $250 per device)