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Is there a difference between working with a hearing professional versus patients that forgo hearing tests and purchase over the counter (OTC)?

This article written by Huch, an audiologist and president of Oro Valley and Grace Hearing Center, discusses the implications of OTC hearing aids and how it will ultimately impact consumers with hearing loss.

Huch provides an overview of how OTC hearing aids will do more harm than good as well as concerns for the field of audiology. He said:

“I have found many reasons for a hearing loss such as middle ear disease, middle ear tumors, sensorineural hearing loss, acoustic nerve tumors, and auditory processing disorders, which would never be found without the proper testing and knowledge.

When we stop connecting a commodity with a health issue then we will be able to better help those who need it. Hearing loss is a condition that isn’t taken seriously.”

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We couldn’t agree more – Working with a professional ensures that you get hearing aids that both fit your needs and function to give you the best quality hearing possible.

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