Widex Hearing Aids

Do you have a hearing loss?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that hearing loss affects more than 250 million people worldwide. But how can you tell if you are one of them?

Early signs may be subtle – your friend or partner may often repeat herself, or you may have difficulty hearing at a party or family gathering. As your hearing loss gets worse, it will be more difficult to understand the world around you. It’s important to take action now.


Look for these hearing loss signs
  • Difficulty understanding people, especially in crowded places like restaurants
  • Need to have phrases repeated
  • High volume on the TV or stereo
  • Difficulty hearing on the phone
  • Difficulty following group conversations



Like everyone, people with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. So it’s important to have a hearing aid that helps you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable.

The Widex Sound means that you can hear a full spectrum of sounds – from background noise, to whispers to voices in a crowd.

But it goes beyond that. We make sure that all our hearing aids can be fit so that they suit your exact hearing loss and the way you listen. And that they are designed to be comfortable to wear. So you can hear the most natural sound possible. Whoever you are and wherever you are.



Widex Unique

Widex UNIQUE lets your hear more sounds, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.
We know that many of you desire a very discreet hearing solution. That’s why we have created the CIC MICRO -One of the smallest CIC’s on the market. Take a look at the images above and see how truly discreet CIC MICRO is.

Widex Beyond

Make the BEYOND™ hearing aid your own with the personalized App.

You can adjust sound settings and listening preferences, use personal pictures and even create sound templates for specific listening situations – such as being at a restaurant or with family and friends.