Starkey Hearing Technologies, has announced that plans are in place for activities and resources that help raise awareness of better hearing in May, which is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

1 in 6 Baby Boomers has hearing lossStarkey reports that while hearing aids can hold numerous benefits for those with hearing loss, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) has found that nearly 80% of people with hearing loss don’t seek treatment. During Better Hearing and Speech Month, Starkey will focus on raising awareness about hearing loss and the benefits hearing aids can provide.

According to Starkey, hearing loss is one of the most common age-related health concerns, ranked third behind arthritis and hypertension for adults aged 75 and older. Additionally, hearing loss is becoming more common among younger generations as well. One in six baby boomers struggle with hearing loss, and in 2015, the World Health Organization estimated more than 1 billion teens and young adults are at risk of losing their hearing due to unsafe listening practices.

Infographic on HL from StarkeyWith that in mind, the team at Starkey is encouraging people to follow the company on social media throughout the month of May to learn more about hearing loss and hearing technologies. Each week will focus on a specific stage along a typical patient’s Better Hearing Journey and will include informational content, infographics, and exciting contests.

In addition to featured content, on May 2, 2016 the company will launch its Better Hearing Journey Grand Prize Contest with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Smaller contests will also be held throughout the month of May, so all are encouraged to participate via Twitter (@starkeyhearing), Instagram (@starkeyhearing), and Facebook.

Resource: Starkey Hearing Technologies